Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Your Mama Don't Dance and Your Daddy Don't Rock n' Roll"

It was all I could do tonight to drag myself out of the house to the Def Leppard concert. A month ago I was excited to relive my life in the eighties. I wanted to poof my hair into rats and dawn tight levis and a torn t-shirt but tonight all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. I have been suffering from a horrible cold and I had really been looking forward to a night of a codeine enduced coma.

It is an outdoor concert. No lawn chairs allowed though so I can't crash in my super deluxe $100 beach chair that I bought for the last concert. Blankets are ok . . . does that mean I can bring a pillow? I can totally survive Cheap Tricks if I have a pillow and an extra blanket.

Wake up! How old am I!? I can do this. Buck up. I'm the cool mom. The young mom that all Ky's friends wish was their mom. I can't let them down and be the party pooper. Put on your tightest jeans and I have a zebra print T - close enough to the 80's. Take some drugs and plan to buy a lot of beers and I can make it through this. I'm just really thankful that we didn't have to get here hours in advance to get good seats. The older you get, the less you care about being front and center.

Driving into the parking lot I am feeling a little odd. I'm dressed way too conservative for this crowd. The people that are my age have obviously saved their clothes from high school and attempted to pour themselves in to old mini skirts and the hand torn concert t's. You know the ones where you made precision cuts to form an intricut design down the sides or the center of your back. One woman was wearing a zebra print unitard, complete with her g's underneath showing proud. Not a good look!

Then there was the new generation of fans pulling up on their Harley's, all tattooed and wearing bandanas. The girls were in skin tight jeans with spike heels. Totally appropriate to be tromping through the grass of the outdoor venue.

I found the wristband line so I can get beer. I will survive, they even have microbrews so I can be a beer snob!

Whew - the crowd sat through Cheap Tricks. That gave me time for the cold meds to settle in and the sniffles to stop. You can't be cool blowing your nose while giving the rock on hand gesture.

Poison is up. Mama can't and has never been able to dance so things are ok. Pretty sure Daddy never rock n' rolled either. Can't be sure what he is doing now but I will find out at a later date. CC DeVille is rockin' and I think I'm enjoying it. Their bass player is sick so Bon Jovi's is filling. Gotta love Bon Jovi. And bless the guy for learning the songs twenty minutes before show time. I'm feeling like I owe them some standing time. I'm not swaying anymore, only mildly swinging to the rythym. No head banding yet.

Bless the long intermissions. My friend has to potty a lot and I thank my bladder control as I curl up on the blanket in between acts.

Finally, 3 hours later and Def Leppard is finally on stage. Cold medicine is in full strength and I am actually enjoying myself. I'm not feeling bad that I couldn't bring a pillow. Not that they weren't allowed because some loser girl behind me has one. But if I had brought one I too would be a loser girl! I'm acutally bouncing, drinking my beer(s) and having a good time. Do I feel like I did in the 80's when I loved this music? NO! In the 80's mama would have been in the mosh pit coming home with broken toes and ripped pants. Tonight I'm just hoping to beat the traffic rush out of here!

Love my hair bands! Not saying that Poison or Def Leppard have to be on the dance play list at the reception. Bon Jovi is a must though!

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