Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mama’s at Laguna Beach Peck, I mean Park.

A long day of meetings in LA was welcomed by an evening of beautiful beach volleyball players on Laguna Beach accompanied by a bottle of Chardonnay. Half dressed boys with beautiful bods.

I’m talking buff, tan, glistening 20 something year olds. In their full glory of low riding surf pants with sun bleached hair. Not the frosted fake stuff we see in Utah. One was even so dashing as to do a back flip off the boardwalk for my cute bombshell blonde of a friend . . . Mama Mia. Then he looked back and flashed a wide white glistening smile. It made her day. Happy New Year to her!

Yes, our hotel room is within walking distance of the public beach. You know the one where Karch Kiraly used to play a game of pick up in the sand with Lagunatics. Are you too young to know who Karch is? Google him! He is the god of USA volleyball.

We are looking forward to four days at this glorious retreat.

Wake up call . . .

Did I mention I’m standing at the beach with my big black boyfriend Tadaki and he just pooped in the sand? Don’t Google him, he is just Kel’s dog. Not the god of dogs, but our dog god none the less. I’m the fairy dogmother that takes him poop and pee at all hours of the day while Kel lays in bed. Even poop bags in Laguna are awesome! The cool rich artsy fartsy people want to pet my dog.

Wake up call number 2! . . .

Mama needs a wallet. Or a sugar daddy.

First Kel’s card was declined at the hotel. Mama Mia rescued that one. Next, my card was declined buying wine at World Market! Is this our omen that we shouldn’t be traveling AGAIN!? Or that we should have waited until Friday – Payday – to fly out? No worries, we have five bottles of wine, snacks and an ocean view room. Things always work out for the mamas.

Did I mention our meeting on Saturday with 80 Firemen? Outdoors where it will be hot and they will probably just have to wear their boots, helmets, bibs and suspenders. Shirts would be too hot. That is the dream vision of firemen right?

Regardless of what has happened. I just got back from “hurrying” Tadaki on the beach. He isn’t opposed to going on sand. My luck, we walked by starlight and listened to the waves crashing. There is nothing like a romantic walk on the beach with a big black man.

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  1. I have heard about you and that big black guy... you're the only one he'll do IT with... You are such a cougar!!! You and your late night romps together! I shield my eyes.... then I read more.